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Superior Hemodialysis care is dependent on high-quality reliable water treatment systems and services. At The WaterProfessionals®, we supply the products, equipment and services you and your patients need to ensure your water supply meets stringent American Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and Food and Drug (FDA) water quality standards. No matter what your feed water conditions may be, we can provide safe and reliable water systems that meet all AAMI and FDA design criteria and water quality specifications.

  • Equipment and Products for dialysis are manufactured under FDA's OS/GMP for consistent, reliable performance and supported 24/7 by local Dialysis Water Techs.
  • Available supplies available for immediate delivery or installation include:
    • Medical- grade mixed-bed deionizer units for lease
    • Carbon units for lease with capacity for chlorine and chloramines removal
    • Pre- filters, loop filters, endotoxin filters
    • Peracidin Acid for disinfecting
    • Filters, capsules, and housings

  • Prompt, competent service, 24/7.
  • Design and layout of loops and water treatment components.
  • Installation of recirculation loops and water treatment components.
  • Start up and in-service training, both initially and on-going due to employee turnover.
  • Routine monthly loop and system sanitization.
  • Delivery and exchange of deionization or portable carbon tanks, both routine and emergency.
  • Repair of RO's, pumps, filters, all makes and models.
  • Removal and replacement of activated carbon or softening media in auto backwashing filters.
  • RO membrane cleaning or replacement.
  • LAL testing.
  • Dialysis water treatment training seminars with CEU credits.

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