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Case Study for Ongoing Bacteria Problems

The WaterProfessionals® were called to evaluate an ongoing bacterial problem a hospital acute dialysis unit was experiencing and recommend a solution. The doctor in charge was given a list of our recommendations which included ways to better meet AAMI standards and improve their maintenance record keeping. The doctor was so impressed by our professionalism he awarded The WaterProfessionals® with a new contract to provide the dialysis clinic's regular maintenance and accepted our proposal to upgrade their water system in order to meet the current AAMI water standards for dialysis.

Case Study for Equipment Problems

Due to The WaterProfessionals® quick response to service problems we were contacted by a hospital to repair a mixing valve on a central dialysis water system. After repairing the valve we suggested they use medical grade deionizers instead of ones identified for industrial use. As a result of our quick response and knowledge of the industry we were asked to provide a proposal for service maintenance for their dialysis water needs. Within twenty-four hours we were on site with medical grade deionizers and were given a contract that has been extended for several years.

Case Study - Upgrade Water System

A participant in one of our continuing education water treatment seminars for dialysis was in the process of expanding their existing clinic from 15 to 25 stations. Because he was impressed by the quality of our products and the service we provide, he asked us to evaluate their present system to see if it would be adequate for the new facility. In order to follow the guidelines set for by the FDA and AAMI we determined the pre-treatment would not be adequate for the required flow rates. We also found the reverse osmosis machine would not produce enough water for the new demands. After our consultation the directors made the decision to use the WaterProfessionals® to provide the water treatment for their new clinic.

Case Study for Home Patients

Many companies providing water for dialysis clinic home patients are no longer providing this service, but that is not true for The WaterProfessionals®. We continue to provide this much needed service to home patients. Our abiltiy to provide this service in an expedient manner sets up apart from the other water treatment companies and allows us to enjoy longterm relationships with dialysis clinics and patients.

Recommended Links

Northwest Renal Network White Paper - Monitoring Dialysis Water Treatment System
This is a great white paper in PDF format with excellent presentation and diagrams.

FDA Advice on Reopening Dialysis Centers After Loss of Power or Water
Link to an FDA online bulletin with advice on procedure of reopening dialysis center after restoration of power and water after an outage

ANSI/AAMI RD62 Online Information and Print Manuals for Sale
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