Why Choose WaterProfessionals®?


The WaterProfessionals® have served the dialysis market in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina for over a decade. . We are a licensed dealer for AmeriWater who manufactures water treatment systems which are 510K registered and meet AAMI, FDA and CMS requirements for dialysis applications. Our customers tell us that they most appreciate the following when working with the WaterProfessionals®:

  1. Prompt service response, 24/7. With the ever-increasing load on existing centers, having quick, competent response at 4:00 am when an RO pump fails at start-up is absolutely critical.
  2. Local inventory: Wide array of critical repair parts and consumable items for delivery within minutes of an emergency call.
  3. Highly trained service staff: A team who is not only thoroughly trained on dialysis water treatment equipment and is familiar with regulatory intricacies, but that understand the stresses and time and performance pressures involved in running chronic and acute care centers.
  4. Competitive prices: Very competitive pricing for labor and supplies.
  5. Flexibility: A company who is not buried in rigid bureaucracy but one whose team will do their best to work around a center's needs and requirements.

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"Waterprofessionals® " is the licensed tradename and service mark of the following independent companies: Carolina Water Specialties, LLC and McCollum Water Conditioning, Inc. Offices in Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina - Call 866-596-8631